Cape Cod Land Clearing

Professional land clearing is a crucial first step in the development of a commercial or residential property.

Cape Cod Firewood’s Land Clearing division has the experience and specialized gear to complete your project in a timely fashion regardless of the size or scope. We do it all: developments, new house lots, right-of-way maintenance, road development, shopping malls, farms and horse stables, subdivisions, wetlands, backyard expansions, swimming pools, and general views. Although terrain can prove to be as unpredictable as the weather, we have never turned down a project. We run a full-service fleet of heavy duty, track-driven gear handled by highly trained operators with expertise in the profession.


Clearing and grubbing: After a site has been surveyed and marked, vegetation and surface debris are removed by clearing and grubbing the site. Clearing refers to the removal of all vegetation, while grubbing is the removal of roots that may remain in the soil. This includes the removal of all logs, brush, and debris, as well as grinding and removal of stumps. Once completed, the site is ready for grading and drain installation.

Select tree removal: Selective tree removal helps preserve your desired site design and helps to enhance the overall character of a site.

Right-of-way clearing: We handle clearing operations for utilities, gas, petroleum, water, electricity, fiber-optic cable, and other service lines.

Brush removal: Fast and efficient brush removal to keep your project on schedule, or for general property upkeep. Brush mowing is a perfect option for preparing your project site for construction access or for mass land clearing/grading operations.



Our professionally licensed team members work with the following land-clearing equipment:

Feller buncher: cuts and collects trees before felling them.

Whole-tree chipper: quickly and efficiently chips entire trees.

Tree skidder: bundles and transports logs and brush to designated chipping areas.

Brush mower: makes quick work of thickets and brush.


Although what we do is exciting and we love to show off our passion, we ask that customers refrain from entering an active job site as it is exceedingly dangerous.

The safety awareness of our team is paramount to Cape Cod Land Clearing’s operations. From the CEO to employees at every job site our service partners share a willingness to uphold high safety standards, which helps us provide the safest and healthiest work environment possible. We believe that success in accident reduction lies in planning ahead. We make every effort to cultivate a positive safety attitude at every level.

Key elements of our safety program:

  •  Involvement of crew
  • Belief that a safe job is a productive job
  • Use of a full-time safety educator to assist the project team
  • Company safety and health manual
  • Drug and alcohol testing program
  • Safety recognition program (project superintendent, field superintendent, and foreman levels).
  • Supervisor, foreman, and employee training programs
  • First aid preparedness
  • CPR
  • OSHA 10/30-Hour
  • Contractor orientation
  • New employee orientation and training
  • Accident and injury reporting system with follow-up corrective measures
  • Jobsite hazard analysis (JHA) for all major work phases
  • Site-specific safety, health, injury, and illness prevention program
  • Promoting the safety and well-being of our employees and their families
  • Encouraging recommendations for improvements to safety throughout the company and for each project
Hydroaxe 621E Feller Buncher owned by Cape Cod Firewood