How to Start the Perfect Fire

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Helpful tips and tricks to keep you warm and cozy during the winter months.

Getting Started

Once your fireplace has been serviced by a professional, it’s time to get started.

Open the damper all the way.

Prime the flue. This can be done by opening the flue, setting a piece of newspaper alight, and holding it under the opening of the flue. You’ll know the process is working when you can feel the breeze going up the chimney. It may take a time or two to replace the cold air with a healthy draft in the chimney.

What We Need

Tinder and kindling are used to start a fire. Tinder must be easy to ignite and burn such as newspaper or dryer lint. The kindling is ignited by the tinder and will assist in igniting your firewood. Good kindling should be dry and small, such as sticks and branches no more than an inch in diameter. Large logs are stacked on the bottom of the fire grate. Next, lay kindling and on the very top, place the tinder. Make sure there is proper airflow as it is crucial to making a successful fire…

Use Quality Firewood

Cape Cod Firewood provides high-quality hardwood to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the year. So place an order today so you can have a beautiful fire blazing during the cold winter days.